DIY Acura Emblem Blackout with Plasti Dip

DIY Plasti Dip Blackout Acura Emblem and Accents Mods

Give us some butter because we’re on a roll! Yeah, I just couldn’t resist sharing this DIY Plasti Dip video made by YouTube user agiyah where she dips her Acura TL’s emblems and chrome trim. You never see her face but she narrates the process throughout as well as overlying the video with techno which causes some confusion at times. I have chopped the video way down but you can find her full length version here. In the end, I think she did an awesome job, much better for sure than I would have done and my only complaint is her video editing skills. Maybe that’s why she’s only ever posted the one video? Anyway, visit her channel and give her some +1 love.

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