#SoundOff: American Muscle VS Japanese Imports

#AmericanMuscle #VS #JapaneseImpoor Japanese Imports? Which would you pick?

American Muscle or Japanese Imports? This week’s #SoundOff question is simple: if you could get a free car would you choose one imported from Japan or Detroit? This rivalry is probably one of the most bitter there is in the auto enthusiast world so I can’t wait to see the results so get to voting here. In the meantime, checkout this street racing clip of a juiced Chevy Nova going head to head with a Nissan Skyline…guess who wins?



Last Week: Stock or Modified: Which Is Better? Well, the results are in and, not surprisingly, most of you would prefer to buy a stock car and then modify it yourselves. One thing which came up in discussions on some of the different forums we post this question to was what, exactly, did we mean by pre-tuned. In other words, we probably should have specified whether we meant that the vehicle was tuned by a third party before purchase (i.e. by SLP) or cam pre-tuned from the factory (like the Super Snake). Either way, the results are in and you can check out the  pie-chart below:

Stock VS Modified #SoundOff Results


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