#RacingFriday: Mustang GT VS Audi S4 Street Race

#RacingFriday - Mustang VS Audi S4

Street racing really isn’t cool. It’s dangerous. It’s illegal. It’s not nice. But, for whatever reason, whenever I’m looking for unique match ups and races it’s the street racers I find. So, my apologies to one and all and please know that I’m no supporter of street racing.

With that caveat out the way we can get down to business. In the video (taken from the first person POV of the S4 driver) we get to see three different races between the Mustang GT 5.0 and a tuned Audi S4. Surprisingly, the fact that there is at least a $25k difference between the two vehicles doesn’t seem to matter that much in terms of performance. So, what do you think? Was it a fair match up? Should the S4 have done better? Let us know what you think and have a great #RacingFriday!

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