Easy PlastiDip Removal from Headlights

Easy PlastiDip Removal - #HowTo #Remove #PlastiDip #SmokedHeadlights

We’re kind of doing this backwards but the video was so cool we just couldn’t help ourselves. I’ve used PlastiDip before but I must have been doing it wrong because I have never been able to achieve the kind of no fuss removal we see in this video. I suspect the installer put on at least three to five coats of PlastiDIp in order for it to come off so easily. Still, as you can see above, removal can be a breeze and it looks like there’s no fear of destroying the headlights’ clear coat.

Have you had any experieces using PlastiDip on your headlights or taillights? Did you find it easy to work with? Compared to vinyl tint how did you like its performance? Personally, I think I need a lot more practice before I switch my preference to PlastiDip but I’m open to suggestions.

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