Ford Taurus SHO Complete Vinyl Wrap

Ford Taurus SHO Vinyl Wrap #Ford #Taurus #SHO #VinylWrap

How Much to Wrap an Entire Car? Just yesterday someone on Cheers and Gears asked me how much a complete vehicle wrap would cost which got me thinking so I did a little research. As many of you know, my company (, only provides materials for DIY enthusiasts and professionals and we don’t do any installations–except on our own BMW 325xi. So, even though I had an idea of how much it cost when I actually got some quotes I was surprised.

Ford Taurus SHO Vinyl Wrap #Ford #Taurus #SHO #VinylWrap
Leave It to the Pros or DIY?

Sticker Shocked. Can you imagine paying around $3000 to have your car wrap in a solid color!? And if you want something like carbon fiber you’ll be guaranteed to pay more. Now, don’t get me wrong: professionals are professionals for a reason and I’m sure that they deserve every dollar they earn but for most of us $3K is simply out of the question.

Check Out the Video, Then Check Out Our Wraps. So, you be the judge. Check out the video and see how the pros wrap this sweet Ford Taurus SHO and decide f this is something you think you would take on. If you think you have what it takes then check out our complete line of vinyl wraps which can be had at a third of the price of pro installation.

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