2015 Ford Edge: Neon Green Vehicle Wrap

2015 Ford Edge Complete Vehicle Wrap in Neon Vinyl #Ford #Edge #VehicleWrap #Neon #VinylWraps #Rwraps

Another day, another Ford. At least that’s this week’s theme. Today we’ve got a time-lapse vinyl vehicle wrap of a 2015 Ford Edge brought to you by the Graphic Wrap Specialists Dan and Brock of the MAX Mills Auto. I’ve never been there but it certainly looks like these guys are professionals so I recommend checking out their site and, if possible, stopping by. (Oh, and it looks like they sell t-shirts and sweatshirts too just in case).

The video is just over a minute but shows the complete process of wrapping the Edge in Neon Green film and, if you can’t tell by the screen capture, the results are phenomenal. So, what do you think? Have you got what it takes? Let us know if you would consider wrapping your ride yourself or if you’d rather leave it to the pros.

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