DIY Series: Ford Mustang Drifter’s Stitch

Ford Mustang Drifters Stitch #Ford #Mustang #DriftersStitch #DIY #ReplacementBumper

Picture this: you’re broke and you just cracked your bumper and, suddenly, your ride isn’t road worthy anymore. You still need to get to work but you don’t have the cash need to buy a replacement bumper. You have two options: hoof it to the bus or try to repair your cracked bumper yourself. In today’s video, Chris Fix shows us how easy it is to fix it yourself using a drill and zip ties. Not only is it cheap and easy but we think it looks amazing!

So, what do you think? Is this something you would consider doing even temporarily? We love the look and think we might be on the edge of a new trend but we have been wrong before. Share your thoughts and be sure to subscribe to Chris’ YouTube channel.

Ford Mustang Drifters Stitch #Ford #Mustang #DriftersStitch #DIY #ReplacementBumper

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