#SpeakYourMind: Which Wheel or Rim Accessory Would You Pick?

Rvinyl Wheel & Rim Accessories #SpeakYourMind Which Would You Choose?

Speak Your Mind. It’s Wednesday again and, in what we hope will be a new Rvinyl tradition we’re asking you to #SpeakYourMind. This week we want to know which wheel or rim accessory you would pick if you got it for free. We’ve got a pretty wide variety and we’ve also left a space for you to fill in your own answers so please don’t be bashful, share your thoughts with us. Click on the pic above or the link here to answer the survey and we’ll share the results next Wednesday.

Last week’s Survey. So, how would you fix cosmetic damage to your ride? Well, the results are in and they are as follows:

Rvinyl Blog Readers: Closet Perfectionists. Obviously, most people who visit the blog would paint it themselves (all of you are closet perfectionists). The next most popular answers were to wrap the fenders with vinyl film, use PlastiDip or take it into a professional. The third most popular options were to either use graphics or fender stripes to cover the scratch or just pretend that it never happened in the first place. So, where do you stand?


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