Rim Prints – Precut Decal Kits for Your Rims

You may not have realized ti but this week we’re taking a closer look at wheel and rim accessories. Yesterday we showcased the programmable LEDs from Fantasma-OWL that turn your rims into a veritable light-show and received a huge response from you guys. Continuing the them of aesthetic rim modifications today we’re going to take a look at Rim Prints, a slightly more subtle approach to restyling.

Rim Prints Rim Acccessories Precut Rim Accents

Rim Prints seem to be a great accessory for the DIY enthusiasts because they are precut to accent the contours of your vehicle’s rim. Each set is designed specifically for your year, make and model and they are available in a handful of colors and carbon fiber. But be prepared for sticker shock: each set costs $99! When I consider that we sell complete dash kits with over 45 pieces made from the same material for less than half the price I just can’t stomach it. I hope the makes of RIm Prints decide to lower the prices because I would buy a set and consider carrying them for something around $40 per set.

Anyway, take a look at the video and check out their site here. If you decide that you want to wrap your rims yourself we offer over 40 different colors and finishes for a faction of  the price but, unlike Rim Prints, our rim wraps are not precut. Whatever you choose to do, take a look and your comments are appreciated!

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