Nissan 370z GT Rally Car Racing

Nissan 350 Rally Racing Car  #Nisssan #350Z #Rally #RaceCar

Okay, I’ve admitted it before and I’ll admit again: I am clueless about the whole rally thing. Clueless but intensely curious that is. So, as I was browsing the forums, YouTube and the inerwebs in general this morning I cam across a GT-R Dakar Rally concept. For better or worse, the GT-R Dakar is now (and probably forever) just that: a concept.

Still, it got me thinking and then I ran into the above: a 350z Rally Race Car. For some reason I had always imagined the 350z to be too delicate for something like rallying which was a sport I thought was reserved for Subarus and Ford Fiestas. I see how wrong I was though. Please share your thoughts and take a look at this video of the 350z at a rally in France.


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