So You Want to See Smoked Taillights on a 2012 3-Series?

#BMW #3-Series #Blackout #SmokedTaillight #TaillightTint #TaillightCover #Rtint #Rvinyl #LaminX

Customers are always asking for examples of installed product and it makes complete sense when you’re talking about buying from a company that does all of its business online. Heck, it makes just as much sense even if the company has a shop right down the block from you.

That’s why we’ve stuck to our $20 instant rebate program throughout the years. You see, we could simply go ahead an d produce shiny, professional videos of our products installed on the different cars and trucks that we make precut taillight tint for but would you really believe us? I mean, would you believe that anyone with even a little bit of manual dexerity could get the results you see in the video above? Not to be too cynical but I think not.

#BMW #3-Series #Blackout #SmokedTaillight #TaillightTint #TaillightCover #Rtint #Rvinyl #LaminX

So, thank you to all our customers who have taken advantage of our rebate program over the years and, for those who have not yet done it, what are you waiting for?

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