Custom Rim Wrap Installation Rebate

#RimWraps #Rvinyl #RvinylWraps #VinylWraps #Rims #VinylWrap

This week we’ve look at a few wheel and rim accessories that are intended not only to look great but to protect your rims from damage. Still, if you’re looking for the total aesthetic solution, nothing compares to a custom rim wrap. Whether you choose a solid color like the pink vinyl above, the yellow in the video or a unique pattern like camo, sticker bomb or carbon fiber you get the scuff protection of a vinyl wrap along with eye-popping style when you wrap your rims with Rwrap premium vinyl.

#RimWraps #Rvinyl #RvinylWraps #VinylWraps #Rims #VinylWrap

Check out the video and, if you think you’d lke to give itt a ttry and send us photo and videos of the process and result I’m offering a 100% refund of your purchase. Just contact me at michael (at) rvinyl (dot) com with your photos and videos and I will either issue a refund of your order.

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