Rim Ringz: More than meets the eye?

#RimRingz #WheelBands #AlloyGator #Rims #RimProtection #Vossen #Rvinyl

This week we have taken a closer looks at Wheel Bands and AlloyGator and have seen both how they look and function. Clearly, Wheel Bands is much more attractive option than AlloyGator but it remains to be seen if if can stand up to the type of abuse that the latter can sustain. In a sense, the comparison seems to be a draw. Rim RIngz, however, seem to be a game changer because they offer high-style and protection that relies on mechanical (not adhesive) attachment to the rim and is kept in place by the pressure of the tire.

In today’s video you can see just how easy installation of Rim Ringz is and how they look when installed. If anyone has any experience with Wheel Bands, Rim Ringz or AlloyGators we would love to hear from you and are offering a $5 gift certificate for any comments or reviews on these three products. Have a happy hump day everyone!

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