Audi A3/S3 Complete Neon Green Vehicle Wrap

#Audi #A3 #S3 #NeonGreenVinyl #VinylWrap #VehicleWrap #AppleGreen

Normally I’m not a huge fan of neon and fluorescent vinyl films but there’s just something about neon green that gets me every time. And, it seems to me, that neon or apple green wraps look the best on Euro-tuned and JDM rides like the Audi A3 here but that could just be my bias coming out.

Anyway, today’s video features an Audi A3 being wrapped in Hexis Apple Green (which is equivalent to Rwrap Neon Green) and the results are simply stunning. Even if you’re not a fan of wrapping your entire vehicle in Neon Green (I know, it can be a little overwhelming) it looks great even used to accent key areas as shown below:

#Audi #NeonGreen #HoodWrap #Rvinyl #VinylWrap #AppleGReen #Hexis

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