Sticker Bomb Audi Wrap

#StickerBomb #VinylWrap #RimWrap #Mercedes

There’s no other vinyl finish or style that screams urban, JDM and young than sticker bomb. And despite t he fact that many sticker bomb patterns incorporate HelloKitty, Paul Frank and hundreds of other brand logos and trademarks that wouldn’t stand on their own, when they are artfully thrown together like the photos above and below and in the video, they just work. Don’t ask me why tough because as much as I love the look I just don’t get it.

Today’s video shows a black and white sticker bomb wrap being applied to an Audi. As you will see in the video, the material is easy to work with and incredibly forgiving. Share your comments here or on our YouTube page and happy Monday!

#Audi #R8 #StickerBomb #HoodWrap #StickerBombVinyl

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