#RacingFriday: Hellcat Challenger VS Audi R8

There’s no denying that Audi makes some beautiful machines and the R8 is no exception. I mean, just take a look at the photo above and tell me you wouldn’t give up a week’s pay to drive an R8 for a day. But, anyway, I digress. It’s #Racing Friday again and this week the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is looking for some redemption. Last week, if you recall, we featured a video that (apparently) showed a Hellcat getting served by a Tesla S. This, understandably, really got under a lot of your guys’ skins and even I thought it was just a tad strange.

#Dodge #Challenger #Hellcat #RacingFriday #Rvinyl

This week the Challenger gets some redemption as it annihilates the Audi R8 on time trial straight away. It’s a petty impressive feat and the engine sounds are amazing too. So, without further ado, here it is:


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