Mossy Oak Interior Dash Kit Wrap Install

#Rvinyl #CamoVinyl #DashWrap #DigitalCamo

Mossy Oak camouflage is probably the most popular type of camo out there. Beloved by hunters, fisherman and just about anyone who likes the look of camo, Mossy Oak is renowned fro their Real Tree and other great patters. In this quick video above, John Hinde shows you just how easy it is to install this type of vinyl dash wrap film.

#Rvinyl #Rdash #DashWrap #SwampCamo #CamoWrap

My only real complaint about the film in the video is that it has the Mossy Oak logo repeated throughout but I guess some people prefer that. Our lines of Rdash dash kit wraps perform just like the vinyl wrap in the video but at a much lower price point and without the Mossy Oak logo. So, if you’re more price conscious than brand loyal you may want to browse our full selection of bubble-free camo dash wraps. Either way, you’ve got to admit that the result is pretty amazing. Happy Hump Day!

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