Rdash Dash Trim Kit Installation

As you probably know, I try to bring you guys something a little different with each post by showcasing whatever cool aftermarket part, accessory or technique I’ve run into on the web. Today is no different except that this product, an Rdash vinyl dash kit, is one which we helped pioneer and which can be purchased exclusively through our site, eBay and Amazon storefronts. At the time of writing I’m not aware of anyone else who sells Rdash products or even a similar product so, as much as I prefer to leave the shameless self-promotion to email marketers, I can’t help it with this one.

#Doddge #DashKits #Rvinyl Rdash

In the (somewhat dated) video above you get a feel for what a vinyl dash trim kit looks and feels like and the pictures show how it can quickly change the look of your interior for less than $40. Sure, installation is a little more time-consuming than with a polyurethane dash kit but for less than half the price it’s worth  few extra minutes of installation time. Also, the fact that you can remove the kit if you decide to sell your vehicle later or get tired of the look makes Rdash kits unique. Don’t try that with a poly kit or paint unless you plan to spend hours sanding and refinishing your dashboard.

#Rvinyl #CarbonFiber #Rdash #DashKit

Want to see more installed examples of Rdash interior trm kits? Check out the installation gallery and if you want more information about  specific products contact me at michael@rvinyl.com. Have a happy Tuesday!

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