Smoke Taillight Wrap: A Great, Semi-Permanent Alternative

#Smoked #Taillight #Tint #SmokedTails

We’ve been devoting so much time lately to the sprays like VHT, Dupli-Color and Plasti DIp that you would almost think we stopped selling smoked vinyl taillight wrapping film and precut tail light covers. No worries though, we’re still here and I can’t imagine a future for Rvinyl where we don’t sell our signature Rtint lines.

You may have noticed in our posts earlier this week that everyone, from the seasoned pros to the greenest amateurs, recommends sanding your lights if you want to use VHT or Dupli-Color. And, while this may not seem like a big deal I have to remind you that once you sand, there’s no going bak. So, unless you feel really confident about your ability to pant your lights and do the job well then you may either want to consider taking them to a pro or choosing another option. And, that other option, my friends is Rtint smoke taillight wraps.

So, why do ¬†recommend smoked film over painting for the DIY installer? Well, for one thing, I have two kids to feed but the better reason is all about you: when you use smoked vinyl wraps to tint your tails or headlights you are allowed to screw up without costing yourself hundreds of dollars replacing your stock or aftermarket lights. You see, you can apply the film and remove it without causing damage. And, as you can see in the video, it doesn’t take that long to instll once you know what you’re doing.

So, what are you looking at for a sheet the size that is used in the video? Well, at the time of writing, a 12 by 24-inch sheet of Rtint runs $7.99. For two you’re looking at $15.98 plus $4.99 shipping. So, for the cost of a can of VHT you can have both taillights tinted. Sound good? If so, hit me up at and I’ll send you a 20% off discount to make the deal even sweeter but be sure to mention this post in your email.

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