Spraying VHT Nightshade Taillight Tint | Pro & DIY Installs

Today I wanted to feature some amateur DIY installations of VHT Nightshades as well as you give an idea of what is entailed for removal. The first video above is basically a walk-around (actually, it’s more like a walk back and forth) of an Infiniti G35 with VHT. In my opinion, Todd Fording (he did the job and submitted the video to YouTube) did an amazing job even though I would certainly be worried about attracting unwanted police attention with tint that dark.

Infiniti G35 Taillight Tint

One ting I think anyone who is considering spray paining their lights should consider is that sanding is recommended in order to get the best results and finish. In the video, Todd mentions that he used 2000 grit sandpaper to prepare the taillights of the G35 which is great if everything works out well but meas a less skilled installer could end up trashing their lights. Still, of you’re considering spraying instead of laying with smoked vinyl taillight film or precut taillight tint covers you probably already know what you’re doing.

Infiniti G35 Smoked Taillights

The second video is a pro shop installation by Street Tricks Customs. Here too we find that you need to sand the lights in order to prepare the surface. The guys at STC recommend that you use a grit of 1500 and they show the process from start to finish so you ge a very good idea about how you should expect the taillights to appear when they have been properly sanded.

Fast forward to the point where the lights have been sprayed and we find that they recommend a light, wet sanding of the surface again. This is due to the fact that dust and other particulates are attracted to the surface of the paint and that the sprayed surface is itself a little uneven since it’s been painted. After the second round of painting they then put four layers of clear coat.

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