Velcro Blackout Taillight Covers

AVS Taillight Covers

Velcro Blackout Taillight Covers?

As I was searching the interwebs this morning I cam across a pretty interesting video made by an Australian company that seems to custom make blackout headlight and smoked taillight covers for a select number of Australian domestic models and some American imports like the 300C. The products look to be made from the same high-quality plastics as the AVS and GT Styling taillight covers and headlight covers we carry but they fasten using Velcro.

It is the vVelcrofastening that really seems to differentiate the product from anything we carry and hs me on the fence. It looks like the cover sits a little high as a result of the velcro and, when the taillight cover is removed you get to see the ugly vVelcroso I’m not sure I’m a fan for purely aesthetic reasons. Nonetheless, it is cool that you can remove and apply the covers so easily.

So, what are your thoughts? Let us by commenting below and be entered to win a $10 Rvinyl gift certificate.

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