Plasti Dipping Your Tail LIghts: A How-To by How-To Bob

#PlastDip #Performix #Smoke #Rvinyl #TaillightTint #SmokedTaillights

YouTube is a wonderful thing. You can learn to bake a cake, tie a tie or Plasti Dip your tail lights. Rather than flood your inboxes with slick videos showing how the pros do it (although we’re also working on that), we thought it would be nice to showcase some of the DIY installs you can find on the interwebs using various products to tint your tail lights. Today we’re highlighting Plasti Dip Smoke aerosol.

#PlastDip #Performix #Smoke #Rvinyl #TaillightTint #SmokedTaillights

In the video below How-To Bob shows not only how to template and apply Plasti Dip to your taillights but also the necessity of adding the glossifier if you don’t want the matte look. For me, one of the coolest things about dipping your lights with Performix products is the matte finish so it seems kind of silly to me (I mean, why not just use a smoke vinyl wrap or precut taillight tint?) but to each his own and YouTube is literally glutted with high-gloss, dipped taillights.


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