Sunday Car Humor: Parallel Parking Fails

#Rvinyl #SundayCarHumor #ParallelParking #Fails #JeepSaysEffIt

Jeep Says F@ck It!

This Jeep is really my favorite of all of the parallel parking fails I’ve seen recently just because there’s no pretense here at all. It’s clear that there just wasn’t the space or the skill to successfully complete the parallel parking challenge they just drove straight in, threw it into park and said f@ck it…

#Rvinyl #SundayCarHumor #ParallelParking #Fails #Subaru Thinks He Can Fit

Subaru thinks he can fit

I think we can safely say that he didn’t but he definitely gets points for the effort.

#Rvinyl #SundayCarHumor #ParallelParking #Fails #MercedesBenz #PerformanceParking

Performance Parking by Mercedes-Benz

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a parallel parking fail this spectacular or interesting. It seems like the Benz driver had the “skills” to get the car up on two wheels and then gently insert them into the passenger windows.

Well, keep the submissions coming and we’ll see you next week!

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