Easy Bake Window Tint Removal

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite easy bake but the process to remove the film certainly involves baking. Many of you who are professional tinters might already know this trick but when I came across it I was floored at how easy it was. Take a look at the video before you read anymore._20141211052423

As you see in the video, the narrator describes how they apply a generous amount tint solution on the window before taping a black, plastic garbage bag over the interior of the back windshield. They then allow solar radiation (that’s sunlight for the rest of us) to “bake” the film until it begins to bubble as shown above.

#WindowTint #Removal #EasyBake
On this point a number of the commenters on the YouTube video stated that this was not the hard part (which I don”t believe otherwise we wouldn’t sell so many professional removal kits) but it was the glue that was the issue. Others pointed out that they would use soapy water or ammonia nstead of the tint solution to bake the film. Whatever the case, it’s clear that baking the film prior to removal is the way to go since glue residue can be easily cleaned off with any number of products.

Removing Window TInt

I hope you guys find this video as helpful and informative as I did, even if it means I’ll sell less tint remover kits I’m fine with it because this is one technique every tinter, pro and amateur, should have in their arsenal. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you guys if you have any more input or advice about this particular technique. Have a good one!

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