Installing Precut VS Uncut Window Tint

#Audi #S7 #PrecutWindowTint #Installation

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the debate (usually among pro installers) between using precut window tint versus sheets of uncut film. Obviously there are pros and cons to any technique but I thought it might be interesting to put two videos of professional tinters using uncut film and precut film side by side.

In the first video we see an installer mounting and applying uncut film. If you’re confused about why he seems to be installing the film on the outside of the van at first it’s because he is basically heat-shrinking the film to size before removing it from the liner and applying it on the inside. I’ve watched a few tinters do their thing in my time and this guy definitely seems to know what he’s doing:

In this next video we see another pro (although the video quality could be better) but this time he’s using precut window tint. Now, I’m not going to question his technique but do you think holding tint in your mouth might introduce some pollutants onto the adhesive side of the tint? I’d like to see if that corner begins to bubble and peel but maybe he knows something I don’t. Anyway, with the exception of the mouth hold he does a pretty incredible job with the one man install.

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