Hydrographic Camo Wrap Kit Install on an F150

F150 Hydrographic Camo Dash Kit

The more I see hydrographics, the cooler I think they are but I’m also beginning to realize why the aren’t even more popular and commonplace. In the video above you are seeing a pro installer with all of the required professional equipment prep and then dip the center console of an F150 with a standard camo hydrographic film. Seems pretty similar to vinyl wraps at this point doesn’t it? Well, its really not.

As the installer in the video explains, the piece had o be primed and painted beforehand (which is already a project in itself). Once it has (a proces that will put your car or truck out of commission for at least a day) then tthe real fun begins. Obviosuly, you can do this kind of dash dip in your sink as tere just isn;t space to keep the film flat and then you also have to spray an activator which I can only assume is ridiculously toxic (I could be completely wrong on this so please correct me if I am). Only at this point does the magic happen but magic it certainly is.

In the final analysis, I would have gone with a camo vinyl wrap any day for this particular piece simply because it doesn’t pose the king of issues that more convex or concave surfaces can. Still, no one can deny the appeal and sheer cool of hydrographics.

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