How to Woodgrain Dash Trim

Watch a Pro Apply Wood Grain Hydrographics to a Dashboard Component

Water Transfer Printing (also known as hyrographics) is the process of transferring a film to a part. It differs from vinyl wrapping that the film is able to conform to incredibly complex curves, indentations and protrusions which normal vinyl wraps cannot accommodate. The results of hydrographics can be stunning when done well but the complexity of the process and the required tools make it outside of the scope of most DIY enthusiasts.

Wood Grain Hydrographics

Some films which are commonly used in water transfer printing include carbon fiber, wood grain, camo, chrome and much more which can be transferred to many different surfaces such as wheels, dash parts, valve covers, etc. There is almost no limit to what you can do. So, enjoy this video and we’ll be back later with more!

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