Installation: 2003 Ford Explorer Precut Window Tint


Rebate Photos of Precut Window Tint Kit on an Escape in 20% VLT

Funny, now that it’s ridiculously cold we start to get a barrage of customer photo rebate submissions again. I guess everyone was trying to enjoy the last bits of warm weather before it turn glacial for good and, now that it has, people are catching up on things like $20 rebate photo submissions. Well, I’m glad they are because I love seeing what our customers do with our products.


Today’s submission is a great example of DIY enthusiast window tint work (unless I’m mistaken and our customer is in the business). Our pre-cut window tint kits are a great way to help amateurs get the tint they want at a great price but I would be lying if I said it was easy: it’s not. Still, for those intrepid customers out there who want to try their hand a tinting and save hundred in the process, Rtint window tints are the way to go.


Interested in our $20 phoo rebate? It’s a great program designed to reward you for your hard work while getting pictures of our actual products installed. It’s a win-win. Want to learn more? Check out the link here: Stay warm out there!


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