How to Stencil & Apply Carbon Fiber Vinyl to Your Interior

How to DIY Wrap You Dash in Carbon Fiber


As you can see from this sneak peek at the finished product, wrapping your interior in bubble-free carbon fiber vinyl (whether you use 3M DiNoc, Hexis, Rwrap or Oracal is up to you) gives you great resuls at a cost you wont believe. For exampl, if you wanted to do this with Rwrap film your cost for the vinyl would be $7.99! Yeah, pretty unbelievable…


Moving on you can see in the video and in the screen shot that this method works best for flat(ter) areas of the dash. All of the carbon fiber films I mentioned at the top can certainly be stretched around complex curves (that’s what they were designed for) but it takes more time and patience to do so.


The next step is literally using a technique most  of learned in elementary school. Take a piece of paper and do an etching over the contours of the piece you want to wrap with a pencil.


Once you have your etching, cut out the shape of the trim and then use it as a template to trace the design onto the backing of the carbon fiber film.


Voila! You have your own custom trim piece. Pretty cool sn’t it? Want to give it a try? Use code CARBON until 11.18.14 and get 25% off here:


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