Got Ghrome? Rwrap Green Chrome?



Got Ghrome? Rwrap Green Chrome?

You’ve heard it before, go chrome or go home but this time we’re serious. Well, kind of… This November we’re releasing dozens of new bubble-free, Rwrap Series vinyl wrapping films and we’re most excited about our colored chrome films. Since pictures really are worth a thousand words we won’t bore you for too long with the long, drawn out blog posts you might be used to seeing but just want to point out a few things.

Cool Features of Rwrap Green Chrome

I promised I wouldn’t bore you so I’ll keep this short. What are some of the cool features of Rwrap Green Chrome. In short they are as follows:

  1. Made with bubble-free, air release technology to ensure ease of installation and no bubbling.
  2. They come with a clear, protective over-layer which prevents scuffing during shipping and installation (nothing worse than scuffed chrome).
  3. They are available in a variety of widths, you choose: 12-inch, 24-inch or the full 60-inch width!

That’s it. I won’t say another word and now you can waste a few minutes of your day staring at the pretty pictures. Have a good one!


#BMW#X6 #M in #GreenChrome with #BlackOut #TaillightTint

#CLR X #650 #GreenChrome

#GreenChrome #VinylWrap



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