Tinted Fog Lights – Customer Installs of the 2005 Lexus IS300


Lexus IS300 Fog Light Tint

Our customer CH bough some precut fog light tint and installed it on their mint 2005 IS300. As you can see, the smoke tint only gives a hint of a tint but on a gloss black Lex with matte black rims it is more than enough to complete the “less is more” look. Personally I wouldn’t want to go any darker (in other words, I wouldn’t use the blackout or midnight tint here) but I could definitely see the yellow smoke tint on these lights.


When compared with other vehicles in its class like the BMW 3-Series, the styling of the IS300 both inside and out is unparalleled. In fact, one reviewer even mentioned the stock yellow headlights which I guess kind of makes my recommendation redundant. They state:

It just looks like a sports sedan should. The yellow foglights compliment the white HID headlights very well. The “Altezza” tail lights look good on this car, unlike ricers who copy it. Besides that, I have nothing to say other than the lines are “clean”.



Asied from the excellent styling and high-quality materials,the performance of the IS300 doesn’t leave a whole lot to be desired either. The IS300  comes stock with 215hp and 218 ft lbs of torque which makes the car peppy and fun, but nothing you’d call eye-peeling speed. 0-60 times for the automatic generally reside around the 7.3 second range, while the manual seems to put up 6.9-7.1 times.


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