MGP Caliper Covers – Customer Installlation Photos






A Few Customer Installations

MGP has really made great inroads in the past five years and become a nationally recognized brand (some may even say internationally). Not only can you see their caliper (brake) covers on the streets but you’ll also find them in movies and video games. Don’t believe me? Check out the latest Need for Speed edition from EA Sports or you can see the video here which shows the installation of custom covers on a Scion FR-S:

Believe me now? Obviously MGP’s on to something because you don’t just get product placement because you think so should. You have to offer something that is both useful, filling a need and is innovative and stylish enough to attract the attention of video game and movie studios alike. MGP’s custom caliper covers do both as you can see from the customer installation photos above and below.




Dodge Challenger SRT and Caliper Covers – A Match Made in Automotive Heaven

Around the same time that MGP was rising to prominence in the world of automotive accessories, American car manufacturers we’re getting their acts together with thee result that we are now experiencing a Renaissance of American Muscle. Despite what people may say about Dodge it’s clear that we can put the past behind us now that they are releasing instant classics like the 2014 Dodge Challenger SRT, Chargers and the slight, compact Dart. Maybe it’s because of their acquisition by the Italians but they have really reinvigorated American automaking.



Ford – Don’t Call It a Comeback

Ford has been a hard and heavy hitter since day one and was the only major US manufacturer not to take a government handout in 2008. The celebrated and fabled Mustang is the American Pony car par excellence and has consistently been the number one selling sports car in America. With a pedigree descending from the Shelby GTs and performance that’s unparalleled it’s not hard to see why Mustangs scream for the style and protection of MGP caliper covers.



The Chrysler Prowler – Gone But Not Forgotten



The Prowler was a victim of circumstance but its design and styling were innovative enough to earn it a loyal following and a permanent place in the minds of car lovers everywhere. Like the Pontiac Solstice, though, it has passed out of production and into that hallowed twilight where they are preserved in collectors’ garages and see the light of day only rarely.

As you can see, the style and quality of MGP caliper covers make them unique in the world of wheel accents and accessories.


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