What’s It Like to Work at Rvinyl?

Today is the start of something we’ve never tried to do before at Rvinyl: we’re repurposing our blog to make it more about people. Whether its the people who work everyday here at Rvinyl and make us the company we are or the customers who support us and write our paychecks we’re turning a new leaf given the major changes we’ve made over the last year. If you’re interested in our ever-growing selection of aftermarket accessories, tint and vinyl products be sure to check out our main site where you can find updated, high-resolution photos and detailed descriptions of the items. So, rather have the blog become a useless relic or a place where repeat the same tired sales pitches we’kl be using it to highlight the real people who make us what we are.

A Little History

Rvinyl truly began as a company in a one bedroom apartment in Westchester NY in 2004 when college roommates and best friends decided to give their dreams a shot and risk everything for a chance at success. Through ridiculously long hours, hard-work and sheer stubbornness they (Mike and Phil) were able to build up enough of a savings to make the move to their own space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Throughout the following ten years they worked with a lot of great people, made connections with thousands of customers and relocated to Manhattan and back to BK. It’s been a long and awesome trip and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting off any time soon. So, let’s meet one of the key players who makes it all happen everyday.

#Rvinyl Production Manager Darius

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Darius – Production Manager and Jack-of-All-Trades

The one thing we’ve learned being in business for a decade is that not only does it matter how hard you work but who you work with. Despite the fact that Rvinyl might appear to be a big company if you look at our feedback on eBay or our website’s design we’ve only made it this far because of the type of people we hire and the way we treat one another. What this means is that we have remained a small business despite the temptation to hire more people for less money to ramp up our sales. Our philosophy is simple and may be one of the keys to our success: create a core team of skilled employees who like working with each other and understand that each dash kit and every squeegee we send out can make or break us. Sure, we pay a little more than average but its well worth it when you have employees like Darius.

I don’t recall exactly when but we hired Darius at least three years ago (we stole him from the movie theater on 42nd St when we were still in the Garment District). Darius is probably one of the most genuinely nice people I know with a work ethic that dwarfs any other I’ve ever seen. In fact, just yesterday I saw the man plot out, weed and prep 68 window tint kits without flinching. And, once he was done with that he edited photos for a few hours. Darius is quite literally, a monster when it comes to work and he is equally talented at producing precut window tint as he is at shooting product photos and videos and editing them.

So, everytime you order a window tint kit or browse one of our product galleries you now know who made them. Want to know more about Darius? Well, check out his Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/dariusweedentv 

Fun Facts about Darius

  • Darius’ YouTube page was the number one viewed page in Germany in 2006
  • Darius has often been called Derrick and Garius by co-workers
  • Darius is the only person I know who questions the reality of death-seriously, the kid doesn’t think it will happen.


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