Harness the Power of Your Ride with these Easy Engine Mods

American Car Craft Engine Dress Up KitIntake Engines Mods

Most people think that modifying their car or truck is an expensive
proposition and are just downright skittish when you mention performance or engine mods. But, with the vast variety of products available on the market today this simply is no longer the case and you can make any vehicle both look and sound great without breaking the bank and in no time at all.

Short RAM Air Intake

SRIs or short RAM intakes may look scary and complicated to the novice, especially if you  don’t know what goes on under the hood. Still, installation of ann intake is a fairly easy to learn process that can take as little as twenty minutes to do and will give you performance and sound gains that will make you the envy of anyone who hears you as you pass them on the road.

SRIs suck hot air from inside of the enAir-Intakesgine bay but they allow for more of it to be delivered into your engine and at a faster rate of speed so that you get more bang for your buck, literally. The cost of a Short-RAM air intake is incredibly affordable and will generally only set you back $20.

Cold Air Intakes

Cold air intakes are slightly more expensive and tricky to install than SRIs.  The key is to purchase one that is specifically for your vehicle unless you are very comfortable with working on engines. But, what do CAIs do anyway? Cold air intakes take air from outside of the engine (hence the “cold” part of their name) by positioning the filter outside of the engine compartment. Some are even located in the engine but in a heat shield to keep hot air out and vented to let the cold air in (See image to the right).

The price is another major difference between SRIs and CAIs. The price for a cold-air intake can range from $100 to $300 but the advantages of having one installed far outstrip the cost. Cold air intakes boost MPG and HP for your vehicle and are especially helpful in hotter climates.


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