How to Make A Paint Protection Kit: An Insider’s Look at Precut PPF Kits


Precut Paint Protection Kits – How Do They Make Them?

Ever wonder how the big boys in the precut paint protection industry get all of the various designs into their databases? I mean if you browse Xpel‘s catalog there are literally hundreds of different patterns for all areas of any number of different vehicle. Most likely you have never given the subject much thought and even if you did you may have simply just taken your car into a shop to have Venture Shield installed for you but if you’re a PPF installer or even a brave enthusiast you may have wondered just how it’s done. Well, my friends, today’s your lucky day.


No Substitute for Hard Work and Skill

I used to think that many of the products we use every day were created by teams of robots with lasers and ultra-strong titanium arms. Unfortunately that’s simply not the case and, for the most part, here in the US most of the things we use are made by scores of underpaid, over-worked laborers hidden away from the peering eyes of Western media. But, I digress. In the case of PPF precut kits I can say with certainty that the people making the templates and digitizing them are highly skilled and better paid than anyone on the production floor of an iPhone factory.


Paint Protection – A True Art

Given the fact that today’s vehicle manufacturers are making bodies that are ever more aerodynamic and complicated it only stands to reason that anyone working with PPF films has got to a skilled artisan to say the least. As the expose on shows, there is no small amount of work that goes into preparing a template to be digitized (not to mention the skills eeded to convert a physical template into a digitally reproducible file). I don’t want to give it all away so check out the link below and the next time you’re considering ordering a precut Rshield hood or bumper protection kit think of the work that went into bringing it to you:

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