What to Call Ourselves?

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What Do We Call Ourselves?

I recently put a call out on Facebook, Twitter and a number of automotive forums asking what people who like to modify and customize their rides should be called. Despite having been in the industry for over a decade I realized that I couldn’t think of one, single term that aptly described everyone, amateurs and professionals alike, that covered all of us.  It was an honest question and it seemed to garner a lot of great responses. So, what are the top three names we use to describe ourselves?

Courtesy of: http://www.hondatuningmagazine.com

1. Enthusiasts

The most frequent answer I got to my query was “enthusiasts.” It’s a broad term so it may be hard to find precisely what you’re looking for if you just type it into Google but if you add “car” or “aftermarket” or whatever to it you’re sure to find a bunch of great resources. I know that I have looked for years trying to find good forums and Facebook groups to join to stay at the top pf my game and learn about the best new products so just knowing what to call people who are interested in the same stuff I am is a huge help.

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2. Modders

Although this was the second most popular response I received I have to admit that may not be the best choice for describing car people like ourselves simply due to the fact that it seems to have been co-opted by people who like to hack and build their PCs from the ground up or who like to mess with the software of gaming systems.

1998 Honda Civic CX (EK) - Louder Than Words
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3. Tuners

Whether you love it or hate the term “tuner” seems like its here to stay. Although this is primarily used to describe people who modify imports, the term is widely known due to the popularity of the Fast and Furious franchise and shows like Pimp My Ride.

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