Tips for Ordering the Automotive LEDs

How to Choose the Right Colored LED

Which Color Should I Use?

The sheer variety of LED colors and options often has the effect of making a decision upon the color you should choose for your replacement LED. Even if you do the right thing and stick to only legal color choices there are still some important considerations you will want to make in order to get the most out of your LED purchases. In order to get the best light output, you want to be sure to use an LED that is the same color as the lens behind which it is being installed. As is shown above, colored lenses have the tendency to block all of the wavelengths of an LED’s output that differ from the lens’ color which may not be a deal breaker unless you are replacing brake or blinker signal bulbs.

Turn Signal Problems – Cancellers and Load Resistors

Due to the incredibly low-current usage of LEDs many blinkers and turn signals will not function at all, may flash faster than normal (a phenomenon known as hyper-flashing), or may cause a bulb-out error on your dashboard. In addition to these problems some vehicles may even disable the cruise-control if a brake light is reporting a bulb issue to the vehicle’s computer. Fortunately, we offer the right vehicle and application specific warning cancellers and resistors to take care of these problems for you. Installation is straightforward and couldn’t be quicker.

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