Car Hack – Protect Your Garage from Your Car Door

Pool Noodle Garage Guard

This car hack is an oldie but goodie that I originally found on In essence, this hack seeks to protect your garage and your car doors from overzealous opening (think kids) and helps you park in even the most cluttered spaces without having to worry that you will do any damage. As you can see from the above photo, the hack is ridiculously simple and requires only three things:

  1. A pool noodle
  2. A Washer
  3. A Bolt or Screw

Simply split the pool noodle in half using a razor or a pair of scissors, drill some pilot holes for the bolts or screws you will use to attach the pool noodle and screw it to the wall in the desired location. Really, what could be easier?

Pros and Cons of Pool Noodles

Yes, there are definite pros to using the pool noodle approach and cost is definitely at the top of the list. Still, in terms of appearance, the pool noodle is a fail. This hack is only reasonable if your garage is already in a pretty bad state but if you take pride in your garage and vehicle you may want to consider other options. Fortunately, there are some other, “professional” alternatives out there that rival or even beat the pool noodle wall guard in terms of application although they may cost slightly more.

The Pro Solution

If you are looking for a professional option to protect both your ride and your walls then look no further because we’ve got what you need. Attractive and easy to install these wall guards are the upscale alternative to the pool noodle. Check it out here at the link here:

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