Car Hack – Repositionable Static Cling Window Shade

Static Cling Window Tint

Now, this hack is actually somethoing we feel we pioneered at as we have been selling precut visors and sheets of uncut film for years but it took this article on Popular Science‘s website to give it the added legitimacy of an idea that isn’t coming from a vendor (i.we., from us). Now, if you follow the link to their page you will see a quite unattractive piece of vinyl on an aircraft window–suffice it to say that our static cling window film is much more attractive and looks less like something you would find on the floor of a doctor’s office. BUt, we digress.

If you’re still on the fence about this technique, the fact that it originated with airline pilots should make you feel a little more confident about it. I mean, if people piloting a plane that weighs over 95,000 pounds and carries hundreds of people use static cling visors I think you can feel safe doing the same.

Benefits of Static Cling Window Shades

So, now that we have given you ample reason to trust that this is not simply another marketing tactic what are some of the benefits of using this film as a shade and what makes it such a great car hack? Simply put, regardless of how large and flexible the visors in your car or truck may be, there will always be that gap somewhere, where sun can temporarily blind you and you just can’t block it. The advantage of these sheets is that you can purchase them in varying sizes (twelve by twenty-four inches is the smallest we offer but it can easily be cut to the desired size with scissors) and use the over and over again to block the sun wherever need. In short the features are as follows:

  • Infinitely re-usable
  • Cheap-you can get a 12 by 24-inch sheet for $9.99 shipped
  • Can be repositioned while at a stop light

I hope today’s hack has been worth your while and, as always, enjoy!

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