Racing Harnesses – Cam Lock versus Lock & Latch

Racing Harnesses – Locking Systems

I’ll admit it: before we took the time to revamp our entire catalog of products I wasn’t very clear on the differences between the locking systems on harnesses. In fact, until a few months ago I didn’t fully understand the difference between a standard seat belt and a four-point harness. Turns out there is a big difference and we have done our level best to make this very clear to potential customers simply for safety reasons.

But Wait – More Belts Doesn’t Mean Safer?!

A the risk of sounding like an idiot, that is exactly what I thought at first. I assumed that a four point harness would simply be a superior product. More belts, more restraint equals safer ridee, no? Well, not exactly. You see (and this is info freely available on the interwebs), when you pin a drvier down in her or his seat during a roll over you better be darn sure that you have a helmet on and a roll bar installed. If not, you face the very tragic possibility of serious head, neck or spine injuries as the weight of the car balances on your immobile head. So, you see, more restraint isn’t always better.

Cam Locks vs. Lock & Latch Harnesses

In short, cam locks are generally more secure and more expensive than standard lock and latch systems. The latter are exactly the same king of fastening mechanism as those found in regular commuter cars so they can be open a little more easily thus reducing their safety by a smidge. Nowentheless, cam lock harnesses are not generally allowed on dirt tracks simply due to the fact that dust, dirt and debris from the courses tend to jam the mechanisms which is, as you can imagine, a dangerous situation in itself.

Conversely, lock and latch systems are discouraged at most FIA events and they often require the use of cam lock, four point harnesses. Regardless of th e type of racing we’re talking about though it should be obvious that all of the cars in question are fully equipped with racing safety hardware and gear so don’t pick up a harness and just throw it into your mom’s Taurus.

So, that’s all for now but I do hope you’ve enjoyed the read and that it was actually an informative piece. Let me know your thoughts, email me at and have a good one!

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