Universal Fog Light Installation Video

Spec-D Tuning‘s Universal LED Fog Lights

Rvinyl is excited to offer Spec-D’s full catalog of automotive accessories and we have recently begun preparing both PDF and video installation instructions for all of the products they offer. We are doing so because we want you to view us not only as a place to buy the latest and most innovative accessories and tint but because we want you to view us as a trusted resource as well. At present we are posting our videos to YOuTube and many of the instructions can also be found on Hubpages or at the PDF link in the product page. But, enough with that, let’s get to the fog lights.

DIY LED Fog Lights

Universal DIY Fog Lights

These LED fog lights are a breeze to install as shown in the video. All you need are a few household tools (a drill with a drill bit is as exotic as it gets) and you can be on your way in minutes. In short, the process can be broken down as follows:

  1. Determine the desired location of the LED fog lights
  2. Use existing holes or drill them to attach the 14mm bolts.
  3. Attach the light.
  4. Locate a power source that you can tap into.
  5. Using quick connectors tap into the power source and wrap the connections with electrical tape.
  6. Check all lighting prior to driving.

You’re done!

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