Headlight Tint Laws in New York

Headlight Tint in NYS – Will You Get a Ticket?

If you have to ask you probably already know the answer but, because we feel we have a duty to our customers, we want you to know a few things before you go blacking out your headlights with Rtint film and doing donuts behing the NYS troopers barracks.  Now, it is not guaranteed that you will get a ticket for using headlight tint (especially if you choose the lighter Smoke shade) but precisely because so many states have become hyper vigilant about spray tint and tint films we do not recommend the use of anything tinted (i.e, anything except for our clear Rshield film) on public roads. Not only do we recommend you not use tinted films on your headlights on the streets and highways of your town due to the possibility of a ticket but we also want to prevent you from putting yourself at harm by diminishing the light coming from your headlamps. So, for the thousandth time, USE RTINT HEDLIGHT FILM ONLY FOR SHOWS, do not use it when driving to work or picking the kids up from school. And, if you must tint your lights you can always choose our midnight blue static cling film which can be removed and reapplied at will.

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