The NY Auto Show – Automakers Focus on Inspired Designs

The Subaru WRX Concept at the NY Auto Show

The 2013 NY Auto Show – An Event Not to Be Missed

Upon waking through the doors at the Jacob Javits Center on the far West Side of Manhattan the first thing that greeted our eyes (aside from our private tour guide) was the Defiance Dodge Charger which we posted on a few months back. Sadly, this was one case where photos beat out reality because the patina and rust on the Charger combine with the spanking new headlight and weird,LED lazy susan atop the hood combined to make it look silly. Still, first impressions can’t always be trusted and we went on to be pleasantly surprised by a number of design elements which seemed to recur throughout many of the vehicles on exhibit by different makers.

LEDs and Polyhedrons Galore

If I were to choose a theme for the 2013 NY Auto Show it would be LEDs. It didn’t matter if you were looking at a fog light, a headlight or a taillight all of the cars from Kia to Benz were sporting LEDs. The Audi Crosslane concept seems to have spawned a variety of copy cats or is simply representative of the new thinking in primary lighting design and function.

Aside from the multiple LED arrays which replace high and low beam set ups, many automakers at the show are now deignng headlights with internal frosted white plastic trim. It was hard to tell if this trim itself will also luminesce but it looks cool and gives the lights are more complex feel without adding to the complexity of surface (that’s good news for headlight tinters who are partial to smoked films). Look out for similar designs in the Kia Optima and BMW sedans and coupes.

The 2013 Genesis Concept – The Definitive Show Car for the 2013 Show

The 2013 Genesis Concept represents all of the design elements and values which appeared in part in most of the other vehicles on display. From its precipitous and cliff-like front end, its over-sized and highly-textured grille to its multi-faceted LED headlights and crazy tail lights this car clearly stole the show. Although I personally found it to be too much for my tast (I prefer an old school roadster any day over the complicated lines and dodecahedral composite headlamps of today’s cars) it is certainly something to behold. Strong lines abound and it just seems to exude a sese of power. Now, if only we got to see how it drove…

In any event, this years NY Auto Show was well worth the price for the enthusiast and its good to get a jump on the aesthetic and stylistic trends which are sure to gather speed in the coming year. Thanks for reading and take care!

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