Rvinyl Reviews – The 2002-2006 Honda CR-V

Honda CRV

A Great Ride Until It Catches on Fire

I was really starting to get excited today to write a quick rview about the CR-V and showcase an accessory for the door sill that we are adding to our inventory. Excited until I found out that Honda issued a recall for all 2002-2006 CR-Vs due to the danger of fires. I don’t know what it is about Japanese car manufacturers lately and their penchant for making deathtraps but let’ hope it doesn’t become a new trend throughout the automotive world. So, if you read this and haven’t heard about the recall take your CR-V in and after it’s been fixed com back and pick up a door sill step cover.

Rvinyl’s Quick Review of the CR-V

More internal space, greater energy, new design, and clean features were the high-points of the remodeled CR-V, which came for 2002. Honda’s CR-V isa four door, five passenger lightweight sport-utility vehicle with a side hinged tailgate and four-cylinder motor. The wheelbase was the same and no external elements were enlarged by more than 1.3 inches. Even so, new internal sections extended the interior size by 3.6 inches, leg space improved by 2.7 inches, and carrying capacity increased by 5 cubic feet.

More Power for the Pushing

A new 160-horsepower, 2.4-liter motor took the place of the past 146-hp 2.0-liter. Manual and auto trannies were available. The LX design came with front-wheel or all-wheel drive while the EX was all-wheel-drive only. Power windows and doors, cruise control and cassette/CD sound all came standard. Anti-lock brakes was restricted to the EX

Putco-Honda-CR-V-Door-Sill-Step-Cover-MainDoor Sill Step Covers by Putco

Once you get the whole “my-suv-could-explode-at-anytime” thing under control why not at a little style to your door sills. The door sill is probably the least noticed part of any car and it gets little in the way of respect most of the time. Rather than stepping all oer it, using it to kick off the snow or as a mud scraper take the time to show your CR-V a little TLC with a DSSC (door sill step cover). Made in the USA and backed by Putco’s awesome warranty get yours while supplies last!


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