Cheap Accessories for Your Benz – Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

Fat Joe‘s Old Mercedes and Rvinyl – Who Wudda Thought?

Believe it or not, but one Team Member drives a Benz that used to belong to Fat Joe! Don’t know who Fat Joe is? Well, use the internets and find out because the real point of the story isn’t Fat Joe, it’s his old Benz and hundreds of other Mercedes like it that could use a little sprucing up. So, let’s take a look at some of the best luxury-cum-economy accessories out there for your Benz!

Putco-Chrome-Mercedes-Benz-ML-W164-Switch-Cover-MainChroming Out One Switch in Your Mercedes-Benz ML-Klasse W164

As you all know, Putco is the premier manufacturer of chrome accessories in the US of A. Not only do they make qulity products but they offer a lifetime warranty for most of them as well. Still, it takes a real company with plenty large cojones to make a chrome accessory for just two interior switches in a vehicle and that’s just what Putco did. Talk about economical! Get yours for your ML Klasse Benz while supplies last!

Chrome Dash Kits | Chrome Dash TrimWhy Not Add a Vinyl Dash Kit While You’re At It?

Now that you’ve got those switches covered why not add a custom dash kit to you aging Benz? Let’s say there’s a coffee stain or even, if you own a vehicle that used to belong to a rapper or mafioso, the occasional blood stain on your dash that just won’t come out. What do you do? Some people would say to drive it Jamaica Bay but those people wouldn’t want to sell you a chrome dash kit. Luckily I do and I think a dash kit from Rvinyl would be a perfect way to update fading or stained dashboards.

Mercedes Paint Protection Bumper Clear BraBumper Protection Kits fr Your Benz

Road debris and large men with baseball bats can really do a nuber on your car’s finish. And, when you’re talking about a Mercedes you know the cost of painting will far outweigh the cost of prevention. Our Rshield kits are precut to fit your bumper and protect your vehicle from dust and bug hits. We also offer thicker, 12mil sheets which will protect your Benz from rock hits. Unfortunately we don’t offer any product that will protect your vehicle from a man with an aluminum bat. Good luck with that.

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