More of the Keystone Big Show

Atlantic City - Keystone Big ShowRvinyl Goes to Atlantic City

As some of you may know, a few weeks back, the Rvinyl Team took a school trip to Atlantic City for Keystone’s Big Show. All of loaded up in a smelly Toyota Sienna (it was a school trip after all) and made the 2 1/2 hour ride form Brooklyn to Atlantic City. Was it worth it? Certainly, if only for the eye candy but we foud some cool products as well.

The Green Slime Shines

One of the coolest things we saw there (and one of the nicest salespeople we talked to) was Slime. If you’ve never heard of it before it’s a gelatinous fluid that you inject into your tires. When the tires rotate, the Slime coats the inside and if you happen to get a puncture to seals it from the inside out. Pretty cool, no? Also, it turns out that a lot of car manufacturers are giving up on spares altogether and including Slime kits with air compressors to repair your flat temporarily.

Rvinyl at Keystone's Atlantic City

A Great Show But Don’t Go Skipping SEMA!

All in all, the Keystone Big Show was great and we met a lot of good people and saw interesting products. If you evre get a chance to, you should definitely check out Borla’s Cobra or their ridiculously large and chromed-out exhausts. I’m on a plane at present with limited time so I’ll sign off for now but hope to be back soon. Have a great Monday everyone!



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