Rvinyl Reviews – The Hyundai Sonata

2006-2009 Hyundai SonataHyundai – Always a Surprise

I’ve said it before but it was not so long ago that no one would have believed that Hyundai would produce a car that could offer a real challenge to Japan’s Camry and Accordvehicles that are clearly in control of the midsize family auto bracket. It’s not easy for many Americans to forget that Hyundai once promoted inexpensive, junky vehicles here but, as all things must change so too has Hyundai. In the last 5 to 10 years the brand has become more accepted as its vehicles have improved.

A True Thorn in the Competition’s Side

The 2006 thru 2009 Sonata will represent an even larger disappointment for its automotive opponents. It comes close to beating out the Camry, Accord and the impressive Altima and even does so in some areas. What’s more, the the Sonata costs less than all three.

Everybody like to save money, and the $17,895-$22,895 price tage of the Sonata certainly seems to be a deal. It’s more eye-catching than its precursors and this gen of Sonatas come with the available V6 and even have chromed dual tail pipes which prove that this is no car to be trifled with.

More Power to the People

The Sonata has more impressive search engines, plenty of devices and a huge cabin that positions it in the large-car classification, as defined by the EPA.

The new style has a a longer period wheelbase and is 2″ longer overall and taller, as well having a wider stance than the Accord, Camry and Altima. One thing people in America have noticed about well-known Japanese vehicles is that they’re rather narrow. That’s because they are developed for a world market, and not every country has USA‘s spacious roadways. The additional dimension tends to make the Sonata uncommonly huge, especially in the rear-seat position.

Made for the USA

The new Sonata was developed to fulfill American car owners wants and needs. It needed collaborative development at Hyundai’s worldwide analysis and development centers, such as those in MI and CA. It’s the first Hyundai developed in America—at the automaker’s new plant in Montgomery, AL.

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