Just a Few FJ Cruiser Parts – Fear the Lords of the Interwebs

The Gods of the Interwebs

Curse the Gods of the Internet

I had intended to do a post today on a bunch of different accessories and chrome parts for the front end of the FJ but the lords of the interwebs hath not smiled upon me…I think a bunch of college kids in my building are sucking up all the bandwidth on games, torrents and pron but we will never know for sure and, as far as the pron is concerned, that’s a good thing. So, thanks to my minuscule bandwidth you’ll have to make due with just chrome hood scoop kits and front apron covers but don’t worry, they’re definitely pretty too look at.

Chrome Hood Scoops - FJ Cruiser Air Dams

Hood Scoops – Air Dam is Such a Better Name

Whenever I hear the words “hood scoops” I immediately think of kitty litter. Don’t ask me why (because it’s just as reasonable to assume I would have said Raisin Bran) but that’s just how my brain works. For that reason I’ve long preferred the term air dam because it just sounds cooler but I guess Putco didn’t agree with me when they decided to call the chrome air dam for the 2007-2013 Fj Cruiser a hood scoop.

By now, you should know the  drill so I won’t bore you with the details of its ultra–durable ABS construction, the fact that no cutting/drilling is required or that my five-year old could install it. Instead I’ll get right to the pics:

Chrome Hood Scoops - FJ Cruiser Air DamsChrome Hood Scoops - FJ Cruiser Air Dams


Front Apron Covers – Nothing to Do with Baking

Front apron covers, whether in chrome or not, is yet another unfortunate name that Putco has slapped onto a pretty cool accessory. Over the months that I’ve been doing Rvinyl reviews of Putco products I’ve shaken my head more than once at the names they come up with. Lucky for them chrome accessories sell themselves and that they have pretty much the best product warranties in the business because if they were snake oil salesmen they would have gone broke long ago. Lucky for them they just make quality products and deliver top notch service because otherwise they’d be in trouble…




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