The Dodge Charger – The Charger Goes Sci-Fi

Defiance Dodge ChargerThe Defiance Dodge Charger – Mad Maxxin’ It

We just got word that has posted an exclusive with awesome photos of a tricked out and Mad Max-ed up Charger at the Chicago Auto Show. According to the post, Defiance is a SyFy channel series set to debut shortly that focuses on defending the Earth from an alien invasion. And, just as you ‘d expect, the Dodge Charger has a pivotal role in saving humanity. Who would expect anything less from Detroit?


A Custom Exterior Demands a Custom Interior

As you can can see from the photos, the show’s developers really paid attention to all the details and would make any Rat rodder proud. So with all the detail and time they spent on modifying the exterior it would have been nice to see interior photos. So, in the same imaginative spirit that led to the creation of the Mad Max-esque Charger’s exterior we would like to submit an Rvinyl blue carbon fiber dash kit as a possible interior mod for the same.

Carbon Fiber Dash Kits - Dodge Charger Carbon Fiber Dash Kits - Dodge Charger

Blue Carbon Fiber – The Bane of Extraterrestrials Everywhere

Just imagine this: Aliens are invading from outer-space and although you’ve had time to reinforce your Dodge Charger with a steel exo-skeleton and other performance mods you had completely forgotten about the interior. What to do? Luckily for you, Rvinyl has a pre-cut dash kit in blue carbon fiber that you can quickly and semi-permanently add to your Defiance-style Charger interior (provided, that is, you get it shipped from us before the aliens destroy NYC with their lasers).

So, what have we learned?

  1. Dodge has a pretty smart marketing team and they rightly jumped on the chance to be featured in Defiance.
  2. American cars are the clear choice when fighting ET
  3. Always order your custom dash kits and aftermarket accessories from Rvinyl BEFORE the aliens make contact. Since we’re in New York we’ll pretty much be the first to go.

Carbon Fiber Dash Kits - Dodge Charger Dodge-Charger-2006-8-Dash-Kits Carbon Fiber Dash Kits - Dodge Charger Carbon Fiber Dash Kits - Dodge Charger Carbon Fiber Dash Kits - Dodge Charger


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