Chrome Hood Vents for the Hummer H2 and H3

What is a Putco Hummer Chrome Hood Vent?

Putco Hummer Chrome Hood Vents are an easy way to update and enhance the look of your Hummer. I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would say that a Hummer is easily overlooked or needs any help to stand out but H2 and H3 owners want to play with their rides just as much as anyone else so whose to say that a little more personality is a bad thing?  These hood vent covers are made from ridiculously light, incredibly durable automotive-grade ABD chrome which exactly matches factory chrome. Upgrade and enhance the look of your Hummer with chrome Hood Vent.

Hummer Chrome Hood Vent What are some of the highlights for this Hummer Chrome Hood Vent?

  • Made of an Automotive Grade ABS Chrome.
  • Installs easily with pre-applied Red 3M™ Tape, simple peel and stick.
  • No cutting or drilling required.
  • Long lasting material designed to withstand the rigors of the elements.
  • Matches OEM Chrome perfectly.
  • Priced Right!! No other product on the market like it.

Hummer Chrome Hood Vent Putco-Chrome-Hummer-Hood-Vent-5 Putco-Chrome-Hummer-Hood-Vent-6 Putco-Chrome-Hummer-Hood-Vent-7

How do I install Putco Hummer Chrome Hood Vent ?

All hardware to install this kit is included and installation is simple. Detailed and application specific instructions are included with each kit. In addition, Putco offers technical assistance by phone to ensure successful installation.

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